Saturday, March 18, 2006

FOOTBALL Superleague - Round 2

Matches for Round 2 of Kos.ova Superleague
started on Saturday with the battle of Drenica versus Liria. Match was played in Mitrovice, due to the reconstruction of the Skenderaj stadium . Visitors dominated most of the game. They were first to take the lead and they were last to score in the injury time. With the win they are in top of the standings with full points from two matches.With the same result as the co leader from Prizren, Flamurtari won the "derby", the second team to do so after they produced a superior power against the rivals of their town. They scored three times, to secure the lead and were shaked tem ninutes to the final whistle from the penalty spot.The other team from Prish.tina and the top challanger to win the title this year, KF Prish.tina lost a very important match to the last years runner up, Trepca 89. The home team showed one more time how strong they are and how hard it will be for the oppossing teams to count them out of the title contention.KF Besa, the defending champion won their first match this season. A significant win against a very tough team, considering they played a match in mid-week for the all around Supercup against KF Teuta the Cup winners of Albania. They took the lead on the opening minute and they secured the win with a goal from their top scorer haxhi Zeka 10 minutes from end.

Played on Saturday, September 3, 2005 16.30 local time

Drenica-Liria 1:3

Kos.ova (P) -Flamurtari 1:3

Vëllaznimi-Gjilani 1:0

Kek-u-Besa 1:2

Trepça 89-Prish.tina 1:0

Ferizaj-Besiana 0:0


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